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Port of Luleå

The Port of Luleå is the whole region's sustainable link to the world. The Port of Luleå is a proud community builder and an important enabler for industry, commerce and life in northern Sweden. We endeavour above all to make sure that Luleå will continue to be a vibrant maritime city for future generations. We are proud to be able to do so.
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Latest news

News - 02 Aug 2023

The expansion of the new Port of Luleå begins

With approval from the Swedish Transport Agency in place, the Port of Luleå can now advance and procure external partners who are willing to participate in financing,...

News - 30 May 2023

H2 Green Steel secures agreement with Port of Luleå: A Crucial Step for Both Parties

H2 Green Steel and Port of Luleå have signed a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the steel company has designated the port in Luleå as its primary logistics...

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With the map of the port of Luleå you can get quick information about the various quays and port areas.
By turning various options on and off, you can find the information you are looking for.

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Project Malmporten

Malmporten is Sweden’s largest dredging project in modern times. When the project is completed, the Port of Luleå will be able to transport three times as much goods as today, which will be needed to meet the region's development and industrial growth.